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Baltimore City’s 2023 Parade Day Traffic Advisory!

Baltimore City has issued
its official traffic advisory of
street closures and parking restrictions
on Sunday, March 12 for
the 2023 Baltimore St. Patrick Parade
and the Shamrock 5K Race.

You can access it at:

2023 Parade Day Traffic Advisory

Before you head downtown,
the City’s website
for any updated traffic advisories!

Parade Day road closures
and parking restrictions
begin as early as 9:00am EDT on Sunday.
Between 12:00noon and 5:00pm,
you should expect
substantial traffic congestion
and delays in downtown Baltimore,
which will not abate until
after the conclusion of the Parade.

The earlier you get downtown,
the lesser your chances of
being stuck in traffic.
Make a day of it by attending
the Official Parade Mass,
10:45am at the Basilica,
and then proceeding to your viewing location.

Remember, too, that we will return to
Daylight Savings Time
on Parade Day this year.
Our friends should all set their clocks
ahead the night before,
or they might miss out on all the fun!

See you on Sunday!